About Us

Excellence in service! Our friends are clients and our clients are friends. You are special and important to us! Talk2me is about the special people we meet and assist
daily that become our friends. You walk in as a stranger and out as a friend…

The owner, Gerda Le Roux, changes the way cellular providers operates with new ways of operation and new ways of providing service to clients.

Clients can purchase cellular contracts or upgrade current packages and handsets. They can buy airtime or receive advice and assistance on a variety of cell phone or network related issues.

We have a Smartphone and Data Specialist expert on the premises that can assist with most problems. We don’t have all the answers but we find solutions!

Our vision is to be the first choice in cellular, by offering quality products at a competitive price with quality service.

The mission is to build an everlasting profitable relationship with the Service Provider and clients through the provision of consistent superior service, loyalty, integrity and

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